Horfield URC  - A word in Season

Greetings Friends 


The leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in and the clocks have gone back an hour , all sure signs that we are well and truly hitting November and the season of remembrance.

On Remembrance Sunday, memorial services will be taking place across the nation, as we will again take a moment to reflect on the lives of those who died during times of war and conflict both military and civilian. Families still hold their memory dear.

Traditionally many cathedrals also held special services, usually around All Souls Day, in which families who had lost loved ones in the previous year were given space to remember those who had passed away. It may be that post-pandemic there will be a definite call to re-introduce these special memorial services.

The legacy that a loved one leaves behind can be many and various. There are, of course, the more obvious financial donations given to charities, as well as the inheritance gifts to family and friends. But over and above these monetary gifts, the legacies that seem to mean the most are those we would describe as living memories, as we recall the special personal attributes of a particular person.

When we take time to re-member, that is to look back and put back a life in the context of the times they lived through, we are often surprised as to what still jumps out at us. It may be the whiff of a perfume,an item of clothing or jewellery or a way of speaking something keeps their presence alive.

Albert Schweitzer, the renowned missionary once wrote:

'Much that has become our own in gentleness, modesty, willingness to forgive, strength of character, tenacity, loyalty and fortitude im suffering, we owe to people in whom we have seen these virues at work, sometimes in a great matter, sometimes in a small.

If we had before us those who had been a blessing to us, and could tell them how it came about, they would be amazed to learn what passed over from their life into ours.'

Hope you take time to remember and give thanks for those who have left their imprint for good on your lives.