Walking the Way – Living the Life of Jesus


Lent gives us a great opportunity to reflect on our faith, our worship and our service from the perspective of the above named initiative of the URC for this Church Year. We are invited to live deeply into the journey of Jesus, to slow down, to take the time to explore this journey to Jerusalem and to the Golgotha.


On one hand, this journey with Jesus demands that we “take it slow.” Like the coming of spring, we cannot rush it. All the important things in life, the things that renew us and enrich us, demand that we slow ourselves down. Enjoying and deepening our human relationships, feeding our souls, maintaining good health, none of these can be hurried. Nor can worship or prayer or faithful discipleship or the journey to Jerusalem with Jesus. Lent calls us again to what John Ortberg calls “the unhurried life,” so that we can remember, reflect and be renewed.

On the other hand, the events leading up to the crucifixion seem to be quickly spiralling out of control. The disciples and followers of Jesus were becoming more and more concerned and anxious. Everything they had worked so hard for was beginning to unravel. They were despondent, disheartened, bewildered and many other things. They must have felt like they had lost control. And they had. For God was in control.


The name of Prof Brian Cox is not unknown to most of us. We have come across with his articles on Astronomy, his popular Physics books and scientific programmes on television, Wonders of the Universe, for instance. In his opinion, the scientific reason why we exist is because a star has died. When a star, like our sun comes to the end of its life, it implodes and during this process produces the elements needed to create life. Starting with the very basic gases like hydrogen, helium and oxygen to the heavy elements of carbon, iron etc. All the components of life are created when the star dies.


We have many elements to our life, and I am not talking scientifically now. How are all these elements focused? For us to achieve our full potential; for us to be reunited with creation, a Son had to die to release the power of sin over mankind and restore the relationship with God. We have any opportunity this Easter to restore our relationship with God and renew our fellowship in the church. - May the loving power of God, which raised Jesus to new life, strengthen us in hope, enrich us with his love, fill us with joy in the faith and energise us as we “walk in the Spirit”.


Happy Easter!