Although our church in Muller Road was only founded in 1930,  our roots can be traced back much further than this.    

  The Revd. George Whitefield, an Anglican and contemporary of John Wesley came to Bristol in the 18th century and preached  

  to the miners of Kingswood and Rose Green winning many  converts. He founded a church in Kingswood and one in Bristol,

  both called Tabernacles.  



 The Church started in 1930 in a private house as an extension of Congregational work in a growing suburb and became

 Muller Road Congregational Church in 1933 when a multi-purpose hall (see photograph above) was built on the corner of Muller Road and Downend Road.



In 1960 a new complex of buildings was added on adjoining ground comprising a large Sanctuary, hall with ancillary facilities

and a caretaker's flat (see photograph above).This was built from funds provided through the compulsory purchase

by Bristol City Council of the historic Whitefield Tabernacle Congregational Church in Penn Street, for site development.

Their Deacons and some of their congregation joined Muller Road diaconate and congregation and the church took an additional title,

Whitefield Memorial Tabernacle. The pulpit, communion table, pews and organ from the old Georgian Church were incorporated in the building of the sanctuary.